Monthly Archive: August 2017


This Month On The Homestead: Harvest Time, Berry Time, And Toilet-Fixin’ Time

If you’re just tuning in, this is a recurring series in which I document each month of our lives out here on our 66-acre Vermont homestead. After leaving urban Cambridge, MA in May 2016 to chart this wholly different life, we’re experiencing a constant learning curve of exploration (and plenty of stupid novice moments). Check out last month’s installment here and enjoy the best and worst moments of our first year on the homestead here. July 2017 A true experience of summer, the...


Reader Case Study: Moving To Europe From South Africa, Trying To Make Ends Meet

Welcome to this month’s Reader Case Study in which we’ll address Clara’s questions on where to move her family and how to make ends meet every month. I’m particularly excited about Clara’s story as it’s a unique angle we haven’t addressed before: she currently lives in South Africa with her family but plans to move to Europe in the near future. Case studies are financial dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh in. Then,...


Shelves And Other July 2017 Expenditures

Our basement, as previously disclosed, is undergoing a vast improvement plan. Our Cambridge, MA home (the one that’s now a rental) has a delightful panoply of built-in shelves in its basement, which suited our needs just fine. Here in our Vermont home, however, the basement is a huge, empty, concrete-floored cavern. A cavern I’m very thankful for and which I love, but a blank cavern nonetheless. Beholden to my commitment of waiting at least one year before...