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Reach Financial Independence Sooner by Managing Your Career


Why (and how) I Became a Work-At-Home Mom

The past few months have been been some of the most eventful of our lives. From welcoming our first child (ok, second if you count Frugal Hound) to buying our homestead property, Mr. Frugalwoods and I feel like we’ve been on a wonderful–yet chaotic–roller coaster of hectic-ness. Amid these changes–and largely because of them–I also made the decision to quit my full-time office job and become a work-at-home Mommywoods. Although I only recently made the...


Career Management: How We’re Reaching Financial Independence On Two Nonprofit Salaries

I devote most of my time here on Frugalwoods to discussing the power of frugality: how it’s enabling Mr. Frugalwoods and me to reach financial independence, how its application has made us happier, and how it can transform one’s relationship with our consumer-driven culture. But the very necessary other side of the frugality equation are earnings. After all, it’s impossible to save money you don’t have. So while it’s all well and good to embrace extreme...


I don’t hate my job

Can I be interested in Financial Independence and Early Retirement and also like my job? If you do enough reading in the FI and ERE blogosphere you’ll quickly notice an understandably common thread: folks working for the “man”; wanting to escape the yoke of oppression that is their every work day. I feel extremely fortunate that I’m not in that position. I do (what I feel to be) important, engaging work with people I respect and...