Monthly Archive: November 2021


Reader Case Study: Experienced Teacher Feeling the Effects of the Covid Classroom

Erin and her husband Logan live in her hometown, a major metropolitan area of Nebraska, along with their six-year-old son and eight-year-old cat. Erin is a classroom teacher with 17 years of experience and Logan works as a media specialist at their local community college. While Erin loves teaching, and truly sees it as her calling, the stressors of the pandemic–and in-person pandemic teaching–are wearing her down. She’d need to work another 16 years in...


Remedial Ski Lessons And Other October 2021 Expenses

October 2021 I dub thee “The Month of Winter Preparations,” for reasons made obvious below. The Ski Odyssey We’ve decided to do the world’s most expensive winter sport. Barring purchasing our own personal hockey rink, I cannot imagine anything being as expensive as skiing. Even the word looks pricey, what with its double i’s. When we moved to Vermont five years ago people asked us three questions, all related to winter: What kind of tires...