Monthly Archive: May 2019


Overalls And Other April 2019 Expenditures

I do not like wearing shorts. Even in the smolder of summer, I detest short pants. Do you know what I do like to wear when it’s hot? Dresses. I like to wear loose, breezy, dresses. Dresses with pockets are a particular favorite. Cotton is also good. I do not like sleeveless, or backless, or tank-topped dresses. I like short-sleeved dresses so that I can wear a normal, comfortable bra and so that I don’t...


Drink Whiskey, Look at Stars, Make Maple Syrup

The air smelled like maple syrup. Every time I stepped out of the house, or got out of the car, or returned from a hike in the woods, I smelled it. It doesn’t smell like when you hover your nose over a plastic jug of grocery store syrup. It’s not saccharine and plasticized. It doesn’t even smell like the “real Vermont maple syrup” we used to buy at farm stands while driving back home to...


Reader Case Study: More Frugal Than The Frugalwoods

Holly, her husband George, and their two young children live a very frugal life on George’s salary as an assistant coach of a college sports team. They dream of reaching financial independence and are wondering whether it’s possible for them and what they’d need to change about their lives in order to achieve it. Case Studies are financial (and life) dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh in. Then, Frugalwoods...