Monthly Archive: January 2023


Walkie Talkies And Other December 2022 Expenses

Ahhh decadent December! Filled with food, wine, life-sized penguin stuffies and dog booties. December always promises to be a high-spend month, but that doesn’t have to spell crisis. If you plan for expensive months, if you calculate what you spend on something like Christmas and save up over the course of a year, you can conclude a month like December with satisfaction as opposed to regret. The goal in all of this–all of this money...


Start The New Year In Control Of Your Money

Your money can control you or you can control it. Take charge of your money during the January Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge. There’s still time to join me–and thousands of other frugal devotees–for our month-long journey to financial wellness. While the Challenge technically started yesterday, if you sign-up today you’ll receive the Day One and Day Two emails today and then be on track with the group for the rest of the month. Sign-up...